Leros Island is the beauty you want to experience…..

The Aegean Islands are actually the chines of ancient Aegida, a large portion of land that used to cover the todays area of Aegean, that sunk billions of years ago. It’s the birth of land, water as also the rise and fall of the sea level and the volcanic activity in the area. Amongst of all mentioned above Leros was born, a path that History walked on, a bridge where various cultures met, a land where Beauty flourishes and lives among the traditional fishing villages, the lacy shores and in it’s rare chapels and the simplicity of it’s inhabitants. Leros is the destination of those who seek an authentic greek experience.

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The wise traveler always seeks a new experience…..

A small, green piece of land that begins it’s history thousands of years ago…Even before talking with its winds, the privateers and their merciful wives, the travelers and the castles and this small piece of land stands out until today with the scents and flavors that make beautiful memories, music and dances that reach to the heart, it’s stories and traditions that reflect the faith, the reverence, and the passage of fate. Leros has the charm of the place that traveled through centuries and reached today.

Live the experience...

Perhaps the phrases "Good morning my Daughter", "Good morning Son" may be among the most common phrases that a visitor will hear on the road to Leros. This happens because Leros has a beautiful, warm, everyday life that is offered to it’s visitors. Away from the imperatives of mass tourism, people remain simple, accessible, ready to welcome the visitor, to give information and kindly help in every way it might be asked. At local coffee houses they tell stories of their lives and of the island that resemble to a novel. Life at sea, fishermen, sailors, sponge divers from the neighboring island of Kalymnos, storytelling regarding the unbeatable the captains of Andros and Chios. Brides who left to America and Australia, memories of political exiles…Locals will tell you everything , because they are open people and easy to talk with strangers because the islands is indeed, above all, it’s own people and all the things that someone will discover. Other secrets are hidden as precious treasures and other are still dominating through time.

.. that you will choose

Leros is an ideal destination for those wishing an authentic experience. Whether you are on a family vacation or a romantic holiday for two, if you are lovers of action, good food, warm socializing with locals and history, you will not be disappointed. Most beaches are actually small gulfs with trees and while some of them are more organized and others are less organized , the turquoise, crystal waters will compensate the most demanding traveler, as there is also in most of them goof food around.The night life will not be missed for those who want to enjoy it and will surely find what they like at any age range. You will find a few but pretty shops with local products which most of them are handmade, as well as ceramics, jewelry, local products. Leros is ready to offer you the experience you will choose.



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